Yet Another Post on Motrin .

There has been a lot of discussions  about the Motrin story ( 116 out of our top 800+ Social Marketers blogged about it, including
7 out of our top 20) I read them  – not only the top influencers – … and I ‘m providing below the links to “influencer’s” posts along
with a few notes.

Jaffe Juice

“There’s a reason why the US of A does not negotiate with terrorists in the slightest. Of course, I’m not comparing “twittering Moms” to Osama Bin Twitter”

I really like this post. I would have taken a strike example rather than a terrorist attack ( may be this is cultural 🙂 ).  But the words say a lot!  Communication specialists in Corporations have to learn from people who deal with strikes and guerillas !

Btw, the president-elect advocates some form of communications with terrorists.

“What about involving the SAME outspoken Motrin moms in the R&D/evaluation process the next time round?”

Sounds like the right thing to do. !! This however does not come without interesting challenges, what if the next ad p.. off the “hard gamer community” , should they also have a seat at the table ? Does this mean that marketers have to perform upfront risk assessment against ANY community out there ? Or should they have a community strategy upfront? I personally think so but there is a long way to go.
A comment from Scott Monty in a later post is very instructive on the subject.

Jeremiah Owyang

A huge number of graphs ! Those who wonder about metrics in social media can find inspiration in these two posts.

Lessons Learned: # Always test your campaign with a small segment first # Always have staff on hand to be prepared to respond
during the weekend
# Don’t launch a campaign right before the weekend unless you’re prepared to respond # The participants have
the power, so participate
# For better or for worse, more influencers are talking about Motrin than ever before

This tells something more to me: Consumers communities have some key competitive advantages over Corporations
when it comes to communication. It’s new and it’s something Corporations have to address:

a- consumers work during week ends

b- their information system (twitter) is more powerful than the one of Corporations

c- their network organization is more powerful than a hierarchy.

Valeria Maltoni

“The Motrin ad became the catalyst for these sentiments, the social object for people to come together and talk about how badly they felt. America at the moment has indeed lost its sense of humor.”

Very interesting prospective ! I had the opportunity to attend a presentation from Jyri Engestrom on social objects and this is clearly fascinating. Ads as social objects or even “wrong ads” as social objects humm.  Could people really build a business around this ?

David Armano

“business and brands will need Websites that are as easy to update as blogs” “Look at how quickly the mommy community organized
and produced an authentic video. It’s because they don’t have legal guidelines holding them back.”

Again, Brands cannot compete with Consumer groups unless they radically change their information infrastructure, organization and policies ( yammer could help).

Also a very interesting note about how important it is to have advocates writing positive things about you
and to capture some of the “Google Share of Voice”. Maybe another metrics: How many positive articles on Google for a search
on your brand?

Seth Godin

“Most people who take Motrin have no idea what Twitter is”

True. And how many people on Twitter have no idea of what Motrin is ?. I was one of these,  now I know. Is this gonna help me buying
or avoiding Motrin?  Frankly I have no clue.

“This isn’t a honest note from a real person. It’s the carefully crafted non-statement of a committee. What an opportunity to get personal
and connected and build bridges…

Again I would refer to Scott Monty’s comment. (getting closer).

Todd Defren

“if you’re targeting MOMS you ought to know that there are ~14,000 of them with strong opinions in the Social Media sphere”

A good number to keep in mind.

This is where I found Scott Monty’s  answer – go down the comment section. It’s amazing how he does that. He does not panic,
he does not apologize, he expose the strategy and the objective. That’s it.

Geoff Livingston

The terminology in this post in again very strong: French Mob, Guillotine…

“For example, in my opinion, the Motrin melodrama seemed a bit overwrought.”

Geoff exposed a different voice. It gives some clue on how Motrin could have leverage the story to their advantage….
Sometimes, strikes that are just “too much” can fire back and bring opportunity to come back in the game.

Geoff is taking the opportunity of the Motrin story (and a few other)  to explore and explain the dynamic of Twitter.

The picture of him inside the pharmacy holding the Motrin samples, although provocative, does not prove he actually bought
that many boxes ! Show us the receipt !

That’s it for today.

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