New Features: Blogger Influence

We have released a new version of our Conversation ™ application that implements our influencer identification algorithm,
(used to compute the popular Top 150 Social Media Marketing Blogs).

We also leverage it in our existing capability to find relevant blogs for you, blending “topic relevance” and “graph analysis”.

This major update is now available in Conversation ™ and, to summarize, you’re now able to :

  • Quickly take an inventory of your social ecosystem and build a large list of relevant blogs for your community/ topic,
  • Find out who the influential people are
  • Build differentiated engagement strategies like “advertize on the A-List”,” buzz on the Middle Magic”…
  • Measure your own influence in your target community (you’ll have to include your own blog in your project)

See it in action in this  short video ( 1mn).

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