Find your tribe(s).

Over the course of the past month, as part of my daily listening of social media marketing blogs, I stumbled on several voices echoing
what we strongly believe should be a key step of any good social media marketing campaign :

“Find your tribes, your communities. Go there and participate”
Oh and by the way: That’s what eCairn Conversation(tm) enables you to do ๐Ÿ˜‰

Let’s say you’ve created some valuable content (a blog post, a video etc…)ย  and you’ve uploaded it in the proper social media channels,
you still haven’t truly shared it. You may bet on natural search because you’re an expert in SEO but there’s great competition for search engine attention and you still don’t know if the person who find your stuff after searching for ‘widget abc solves the xyz problem’ is really engaged in the xyz problem or just ‘window shopping’ . I think in this prolific time of web2.0, we can be misled with the notion of sharing thanks to all those little buttons that tells you to share your stuff on digg, stumble, etc….ย  To me, sharing involves some kind of people to people interactions. So, why not find the like minded people that are talking passionately about the xyz problem and ‘share’ your content
with them where they already socializes online.
If it’s targeted, it works. As Seth Godin said “Ads that went to people who wanted them outperformed (50:1) ads aimed at strangers. Suddenly, respect becomes profitable”.

Social media is about good communication and engaging in the right context with the right content in the right communities is all about good communication in my mind. Looks obvious but has to start with finding those communities that you should be a part of (and there may be a lot of as illustrated in previous posts we wrote)

Here are some examples I remember of my reading. They’re not all super recent but very ‘actual’ to me.

Dan Thornton has a short post about the wisdom of my crowd.

Francois talks about company needing to take an inventory of the ecosystem.

Find -> Listen -> Engage = Good steps to create powerful relationships with the right people in the right communities. It’s all about relevance at the end of the day.

5 thoughts on “Find your tribe(s).

  1. I found my tribe using eCairn, and similar to what you did a few weeks ago with the Social Media Marketing blogs, I just posted on my blog my Top 150 Blogs for Entrepreneurs –

    I am involved with you guys, so I will admit being biased, but I would still like to confirm that this is a very good way to engage. I love the tool and I love the team, thank you guys for providing this great service ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Dan,
    Corrected the link ;-). I was using our application to keep track of valuable posts and when I retrieved yours, the URL I get is sort of a ‘proxy’ URL we store in the app….and I didn’t see that.

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