Answering your questions on ‘Top 150 Social Marketing Blogs’

Last week’s post dubbed ‘Top 150 Social Marketing Blogs’ generated several thousands visits in the last 2 days and a slew of comments.

This short post is attempting to answer most of your questions, starting with two words of advertising 😉

eCairn and Social Relevance

eCairn is a software startup with a differentiated approach and technology around social relevance. We help marketing teams
and agencies to focus and cut their relevant slice of the blogosphere, build and execute engagement strategies (learning, buzz, outreach,
and advertising) and measure progress towards their social engagement goals.

Mapping a community is not an easy thing and, if you’ve looked at lists and catalogs that pop up all over the web,
you know what we’re talking about. That’s where our Conversation(tm) solution comes in and let you rank your own list. If your interest is to get a similar list
on a different community or vertical, contact us from this blog via the “Contact us” page.

Measuring influence – Algorithm, Approach

Our list is built from our own definition of the social media marketing community and our technology to identify and aggregate relevant bloggers within that community – which we will not disclose.

The influence algorithm we use is purely link based and pretty straight forward. Its uniqueness is that we’re only counting the links
within the dataset of 1000 relevant blogs, both blogroll and direct links. We have tried a few algorithms playing with

  • differentiating blogroll versus direct links,
  • weighting the links based on the influence of the «source»,
  • weighting more reciprocical links,
  • counting links at blog or post level.

We did not find major differences on the top of the list whether using one algorithm or the other. The list is very dynamic however
and watching it for a couple of weeks, we have even seen changes within the top 4 (these top 4 tend to be really stable).

The list is subjective and brought few questions and surprises – btw influence is subjective. It’s actually the list of influential bloggers
in the social media marketing community more than a list of social media marketing blogs.

Agreed that R Scoble or Search Engine Land as an example, do not talk much about social media marketing. But, these bloggers are heavily referenced by people that are influential in social media marketing and hence make it to this list.

We welcome suggestions and feedback and will incorporate them for a future release.

Do we read the blogs ? (twitter question)

The short answer is yes. We read our « star » blogs (top influencers plus a few others) on a daily basis and we also look for conversations
on all the 1000 blogs that discuss our favourite topics.

Next steps

We plan to deliver some additional value; as an example we are seeing that the social media interest that started with PR and SEO is now expanding to product marketing and strategic marketing. We will look into measuring this.

We will publish the list every other month (please follow our Twitter account : ecairn for early notice).

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