Social Media Listening in a Marketing Workgroup.

Our baby has grown again! In the last few weeks, we’ve added several cool features to Conversation™, eCairn’s web application for social media marketers:

  • Collaboration and sharing has never been better with the new annotations.
  • Finding the information you really care about has never been easier
    with the new filtering mechanism.
  • Our combo of ‘finding blogs’ features has been greatly enhanced.

A picture is worth a thousand words so here it goes:


Choose the action you want to take and view a record of all actions:

  • Recommend a post (To share with your team members)
  • Add notes (To keep a record of your own analysis)
  • Track comment (For your record and to do some follow up later on)
  • Forward (To notify someone in / outside of your team)
  • Plan action (To record a ‘todo’ )
  • Star a blog

Thanks to filters, you can narrow the posts’ list to what you really care about
(it’s helpful when you have created a project to listen to x00 blogs and you have x00000 posts in your database). You can refine the results even more within
a specific filter (for exemple, in a filter on social media marketing you could refine on twitter to get all the post talking about twitter). We also provide an RSS feed to those filters. With them, you can share with a broader audience
on specific topics or create some very cool widgets or get an alert whenever something new has been publishing within them.

Add Blogs

mmm I think we should call it Add pages with an RSS ;-). Though our primarily focus is tactically on blogs, it’s possible to add other type of content sources
into Conversation(tm). We have users adding stock ticker headlines like
Yahoo AAPL healines or twitter search like Obama or McCain twittering.

The key addition this time is what we call ‘preferred search’. You can now save your searches (save only those that have brought back enough relevant results). When you do, Conversation™ will run them in the background
and create a ranked list of suggested blogs that you can analyze at any time.
We recommend you find 4 or 5 good searches combinations, save them and come back to check your suggested blogs once or twice a week.

So here is the new Add Blogs page:

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