Blog Posts Frequency: How much?

Has any of you wondered what’s the average bloggers’ posting frequency?
Does it vary from niche to niche?

The information could be very valuable if you’re trying to estimate the time
& resource you will need to put in listening and engaging with many relevant blogs in your target segment.

On a sample of blogs’ lists that we manage, we looked at the number of posts we received in the last week and, by dividing by the number of blogs in the list, we arrived at a rough estimate of the posting frequency for each of them.
Here’s what it looks like :

So the average is .35 post per blog per day. Indeed each list has an average number between .30 and .40 post per day.
Note the 2 exceptions in blue :
For wireless and premier league soccer, its more around 1 blog per post per day.

Blogs are definitely something that any company looking at listening to social media should have on their radar screen. If you want to do it well, you have
to go through a huge amount of content (look at the size of the blog list above)
in order to:

  • spot what’s going on your communities.
  • engage in relevant conversations.

Make sure you are ready to invest the time required for it. It does take time!

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