Food blogs: facts and figures

Here is a short study to give an idea about the type of reach, volume and impact one can get focusing in a specific area of the blogosphere.

We’ve accumulated 4200+ blogs that specialized in Food & Restaurant. These are blogs dedicated to the topic, not blogs with sparse posts about recipies. We’ve done that looking at directories, carnivals and expanding and filtering using a mix of linguistic and link analysis.

On these 3800+ blogs, here follow facts & figures that you may find interesting. Let’s see how it translate for Buzz, Blogger outreach and Blog Advertising.


  • 2600 of these blogs have posted at least once during the last 3 months, for a total of 40 000 posts
  • 1300 have posted at least once last week, for a total of 7000 posts
  • 400 blogs have posted last day with a daily total of 800 posts

Based on our experience, scanning through the list adds up to 3-4 hours a day in “quick but efficient reading”. One should definitely spread workload between team mates or use extensive filtering !


  • 800 blogs accept Adwords, 200 accept Premium advertising from mainstream networks like OpenX (140 blogs), BlogAds (64), Adbrite(14), Chitika (9), Quigo (8), Federated Media (7)…

We didn’t look for specialized networks in this vertical, which (I think) would have raised the numbers considerably. Still 800 blogs
that you can target with placement targeting make a decent audience. Moreover, these are mainly “middle magic” blogs
where you can expect a higher return on your ad $.

Blogger Outreach thru social networks:

  • Only 15 of theses bloggers expose a Facebook profile, which is way lower than what we saw in some other verticals. A little surprise, but we know we’re missing a good chunk of MySpace blogs.

We then look at the quality of content.

We are syndicating 3-month-worth of these blogs RSS and we query this consolidated feed with four highly differentiated sub-topics:
One ingredient Roquefort” , One city “Palo Alto” , One brand “Olive Garden” and a very special one “Birthday cake”+pink+girl. 🙂

Here are the results (it’s dynamic so the numbers are different from when I wrote this post)

  • Roquefort, 42 posts since March 08 in English , with 10 of them in French.
  • Palo Alto, 24 posts
  • Olive Garden, 18 posts
  • “Birthday cake”+pink+girl, 3 posts

Result excerpts are worth reading, just click on the links above – it might be slow since the database is on our test server and the format as user friendly as an RSS can be; However, Content is highly relevant; Posts like The Fro-yo battle in Palo Alto is a wonderful review!

I encourage you performing similar queries in your favorite blog search or on your favorite food portal.

Bottom line:

Cutting your slice of the Blogosphere and dedicating some valuable time to listen, learn, engage, build relationship and influence is clearly something that deliver different results from an “alert” or “keyword monitoring” strategy.

It doesn’t come for free and takes time (even so we’ve added great productivity in the process). It can be managed, optimized and measured (more to come on this topic). It all boils down to how valuable is social influence in your particular business.

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