Glimpse on what’s hot by listening to many relevant voices

At eCairn, we listen to 660+ blogs on social media marketing; I scan, filter and click hundred of posts every day. One of the interesting benefit is that in the flow, we get a glimpse on what the current hot topics are. Usually they are discussed heavily during a few days and thus, get our attention more than anything else, then gone.  A little while ago, ‘social media measurement’ generated quite a lot of activity,
‘PR spamming’; right now, it seems like a very good video called ‘social media in plain english’ from commoncraft is raising to the top with 19 posts with the following pattern over the past 4 days:

  • 1 post on 5/29
  • 3 posts on 5/30
  • 3 posts on 5/31
  • 6 posts on 6/1
  • 6 posts on 6/2

More posts may be coming…as I’ve observed in the case of ‘social media measurement’ that the 100+ posts I was able to find on the subject during a recent burst started on May 6 and ended on May 26, with peak posting between May 18th and 22nd.

Listening to a wide variety of relevant voices really gives you a glimpse on what’s hot for them.

One thought on “Glimpse on what’s hot by listening to many relevant voices

  1. I was one of those bloggers to write about both Social Media measurement and the PR scandal. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

    While it’s smart to track what’s happening related to your own company, it’s more amazing what you can seen when looking at the blogosphere with a wide lens. Especially if you can find memes that stay relevant after the echo chamber has stopped talking about them.

    Good luck!

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