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Yesterday, we released a new version of Conversation™, eCairn’s web application for social media marketers. It contains an exciting new feature, the Media tab, and a few improvements we’re eager to discuss with you.

The Media tab

First of all, each project gets a new Media tab where marketers will find useful information about advertising. Click on the tab and you get a summary view of:

  • the presence of advertising
  • the ad networks availableMedia tab - Summary

On the left, the Presence section shows you the percentage of blogs that accept/don’t accept advertising from the most common ad networks (Google AdWords/AdSense, Yahoo Content Network or Federated Media just to name a few among the twelve ad networks we detect).

On the right, the Networks section lists all the networks that appear on at least one blog in the project. They are listed from the network that appears the most to the least.

Click on any link in this view and you jump in the Find Placements view.

Find Placements

Here you can filter down the list of blogs by the ad network you want to use. You can select blogs with a few or no ads at all. And you can combine those criteria with other filtering capabilities using labels and star.

The Media tab will soon get better with additional useful information like the social profiles of bloggers.

Better search in the Postolist

Search PostolistA couple of weeks ago, Conversation™ got a brand-new search engine. We use a customized sphinx full text search engine; it is well integrated with our environement , a lot more faster that the mysql full text search and has nice features such as english and french stemming.

Yesterday, we pushed out some improvements over this capability:

  • better highlighting in results, particularly for phrases
  • better filtering by keywords

Better UI design

Last but not least, the UI design has been improved. If you’re already used to Conversation™ , you might have already spotted the differences on the previous screenshots: A few targeted adjustments on header/tab styles or the layout for a more pleasant user experience.

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